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Happy Mothers Day?

Mother God Giving yourself in utter love to ease all fear from our hearts.

Break the fetters keeping our imagination

in our human made frame so we can offer the Mother-love of God to bring the life and light of Christ in these unknowable and anxious times. Amen.

It's one more strange feeling in an ocean of strangeness. Even though the church is not gathering today, the seasons of our church life continue. Almost having their own momentum, irrespective of what we do.

And so today we reach Mothering Sunday. A part of our liturgical round that often causes pain alongside celebration. Perhaps more so today.

It often feels to me like an unbalanced day. Our sometimes-faux happiness of a bunch of overpriced flowers and box of Milk Tray celebrating our biological motherhoods brings our sadness and loss to its vivid pinnacle. Often the site of sentimentalised Clinton sponsored cards and gifts brings some of us to our knees as the world tells us that the only one who can mother us is our biological mother. But perhaps that isn't always the case. What if we have never known her? What if, like me, you miss your mom because she has traveled on to the place-of-no more-tears before us.

And of course today, many of us will be missing our mothers. Moms from whom we are forced apart by virus-obligated isolation across the un-journey-able miles. Perhaps more than ever, we really want a hug from our mom today.

But this year it is even more important than ever to remember the pre-Clinton colonisation-of-the-day reason for Mothering Sunday. In some traditions it is the mid-point marker in the season of Lent when we remember the Mother Church and the motherhood of God. In Jesus, we find a God who in Jesus wanted to gather Jerusalem under her wings like a hen gathers her chicks [Matthew 23.37]. A maternal instinct for protection and comfort flowing from the divine dance of God. Something that our church communities offer us through the many seasons of our lives and an instinct within us as we live the love of Christ in our families and communities. There is no other time like now when that impulse is so strong.

But the challenge for the church is how to be the Mother-love of God in these alien times when all that we have taken for granted is not possible. How can we gather each other under our wings like a hen gathers her chicks when we keep six feet between us? We need to release our imagination from its usual boundaries and find Christ in new, unusual and unthinkable ways. Let us pray that God will get us out of our box to rediscover the colours of God still singing throughout the whole creation.

Whatever we can do let us do and let us see it as an act of loving kindness flowing from the love of our Mother God.

That is the lover we celebrate today - even when we cannot gather together.